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I am a controls engineer with almost a decade of industry experience.

During this time, I have worked as a controls project engineer, senior controls engineer, controls architect, and software consultant.

In these different roles, I have had the opportunity to work on large global projects in different parts of the world including France, Germany, England, Finland, Australia, and Ireland on projects in different industries including warehouse automation, baggage handling, medical device assembly, and pharmaceutical production.

As a senior controls engineer, I was responsible for leading teams of up to 25 controls engineers to deliver large automation projects on very short timelines.

As part of this leadership role, I had to train new hires to be effective as fast as possible. Thanks to this experience, I believe, that I have developed an ability to identify the skills that are really important for a controls engineer to know and to teach those skills in a way that is easy to understand and absorb.

I have found that the best way to learn is by doing and I always try to make my lessons as practical and as interactive as possible.

I have already proved that I can help to upskill controls engineers in person, and now I am helping engineers like you to learn the skills that they need to land their dream jobs through online courses.

Ken Bourke

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