Optimize your team's performance by systematizing your processes

The Problem

As teams grow, they become chaotic. Different team members have different needs, knowledge is tribal, and everyone has their own ideas about best practices and processes.

How can you get everyone to follow the same playbook and ensure that best practices are being used?

The Solution

You can restore order and optimize your team's performance by systematizing your processes.

By systematizing your processes, you can:


A system is a single source of knowledge that describes how your team does what it does. It is made up of three parts.

Process Maps

Process maps define the tasks that make up a process and the sequence they have to be executed in.

This is the map that your team follows to execute a successful project.

Standards of Practice

An SOP is a detailed description of how a task is executed. It defines the inputs and outputs, the steps, and the roles that are involved in the task.

This is the checklist that ensures the consistent high-quality of tasks.


Templates are used to make sure that everyone is starting from the same point and that deliverables are consistent across projects.

Templates are the foundation for consistent deliverables.

Enable your team to deliver a consistent quality of work, delivered on time and on budget

Optimize the performance of your team including new hires and temporary contractors

Track and manage deliverables across a portfolio of concurrent projects

Our Offer

Systematizing your engineering processes is hard. The skill required to define and document processes is very different to the skills required to design and build machines.

Many engineering managers attempt to systematize their team's processes. Unfortunately, most of these engineering managers fail because they don't have the right expertise.

At KB Controls, we have more than 5 years experience of systematizing our clients' engineering processes. With Vanderlande, we defined the systems that were used to deliver large material handling systems to clients around the world. These systems have been used by more than 30 engineers in 3 countries to deliver 7 large projects valued at more than 200 million euros in record time,

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