Re-use what works to reduce engineering effort and improve automation project outcomes

Keeping Up With Customers

End users are becoming more sophisticated. They expect increasingly complex machines delivered faster and with less mistakes.

How can your team meet and exceed the expectations of your customers?

With standardization

Standardization enables you to manage the complexity of automation projects by reusing proven technology.

By standardizing your solutions, you can:

Steps to Standardization

Our automation consultants work with OEMs to standardize their solutions using a three step process


We analyze previous and current machines to identify components that are used across many projects. In each project, we inspect the component to see how it was applied.

The result of this stage is a draft architecture and a list of standardized components to be created.


The draft architecture is finalized and a detailed design is created for each component.

The components are created by our in-house team of engineers and placed in a version control system to be used on projects.


Feedback is collected from projects and the standard components are continuously improved and adapted to meet your evolving requirements.


The business benefits of standardization

Work with Us

Standardizing your solutions is hard. The skills required to define architectures and interfaces is very different to the skills required to design and build machines.

At KB Controls, we have more than 5 years experience of standardizing our clients' solutions. With Vanderlande, we defined the standard modules that were used to deliver large material handling systems to clients around the world. These standard modules have been used by more than 30 engineers in 3 countries to deliver 7 large projects valued at more than 200 million euros in record time.

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