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What is RSLinx Classic?

In this post, we learn what RSLinx Classic is, what is used for, and what types of drivers can be configured using RSLinx Classic to set up communication between a programming device and a Logix 5000 system.

What is RSLinx Classic?

RSLinx Classic Splash Screen

RSLinx Classic is a software application that is used to perform communication-related tasks in Logix 5000 systems. Specifically, RSLinx Classic is used to configure communication drivers between a programming device and industrial devices and to browse networks for industrial devices. 

RSLinx Classic acts as a service to Studio 5000 Logix Designer. It is automatically launched when any communication-related task like uploading from, downloading to, or going online with a Logix 5000 system is activated. 

A common use of the RSLinx Classic software is to set up drivers for communication between a programming device and a Logix 5000 controller. 

RSLinx Classic is commonly used to set up communication drivers for Logix 5000 systems. Let’s look at what communication drivers can be set up for Logix 5000 systems using RSLinx Classic.

RSLinx Classic Drivers

A driver is a piece of software that lets two devices communicate with each other. 

RSLinx Classic can be used to create three types of communication drivers to provide communication between a Logix 5000 controller and a programming device. These communication drivers are EtherNet/IP drivers, Ethernet Devices drivers, and USB drivers. 

EtherNet/IP Drivers

An EtherNet/IP driver searches a subnet for EtherNet/IP enabled automation devices. Some examples of EtherNet/IP-enabled automation devices include Logix 5000 controllers and communication modules, PowerFlex variable frequency drives, and Kinetix servo drives. 

The searched subnet may be a local subnet or if a router is available, a remote subnet. 

Ethernet Devices Drivers

An Ethernet devices driver searches for devices at specific IP addresses instead of scanning the whole subnet. 

When configuring the driver, you enter the IP addresses of the devices that should be available through the driver. 

USB Drivers

A USB driver is automatically created when a connection is established between a Logix 5000 module and the programming device. 

The USB driver is designed to create a temporary point-to-point connection between a controller and a programming device - it is not intended for permanent communication. 

Wrap Up 

In this post, I explained what RSLinx Classic is and what communication drivers can be set up using RSLinx Classic to communicate between a programming device and a Logix 5000 system. 

In the next post, we will learn how to set up an Ethernet Devices driver in RSLinx Classic. Be sure to sign up to the mailing list below to be notified when that post is published.

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